I'm a UX designer,  architect, Strategist, & Manager with 17+ years OPTIMIZING  EXPERIENCES & PROCESSES


I've worked in a variety of industries, improving product ease-of-use, self-service, business processes and outcomes to drive growth and retention. I've created B2B and B2C SaaS applications in the cybersecurity, cryptography, data integration/automation/ingestion, service management, telecommunications, healthcare, and fintech spaces.

UX design & research

I've created web and client applications and websites across several industries, implementing customer research in 4 companies. I've been the founding UX member for a B2B SaaS data integration/automation tech startup, building both the UX and content strategy teams from scratch. I'm now the founding UX member at a medical device cybersecurity startup.

Growth management

I've driven growth at 6 companies, implementing and creating data pipelines to create an informed growth strategy roadmap. I initiated and led plans to implement onboarding, created cohesive product/web ecosystem content strategies and experiences, built customer feedback loops, launched and iterated on free tier offerings, increased free trial conversion, built an engaged help center and community, reduce support costs and lowered CAC while increasing LTV.

Data analytics

I've implemented data analytics to measure and increase user activation and retention as well as feature usage and adoption. I analyze data, identify and fill data gaps, & improve business processes.

Content strategy

I've created a self-service channel from scratch with 633% growth over 3 years. I created a international content strategy team from the ground up.


UX design & research

I engage customers and stakeholders across the company to streamline experiences, optimize processes, & identify opportunities. 

Data-driven decisions

I leverage my deep knowledge of cognitive pyschology and human behavior, UX principles & best practices, systems thinking, customer and market research, and data to create a great experience!

Information architect

I create a great self-service experience from the navigation and organization of an app or site to the onboarding to how people get help.

Growth opportunities

I identify gaps and bottlenecks to streamline the customer experience and business processes to lower CAC and increase retention.


years of UX experience in data integration, API management, support, self-service, optimization. Have MS in HCI and BS in CIS. 


years building and optimizing processes from the ground up, including self-service, support, releases, data strategy & implemention, and more


years in tech SaaS startups building & managing UX and content strategy teams and processes from the ground up 


certifications in data analytics, growth management, web & marketing design, mobile site design, Google AdWords, & leadership


years in technical writing and QA testing. These skills continue to be invaluable in creating a self-service channel from scratch and implementing design quality testing  


companies where I launched the first research programs starting  with no budget, building executive support for research       


companies where I initiated and drove growth, including improving self-service and support, unifying ecosystems, increasing free trial conversion and user retention  


technical degrees, an MS in HCI and a BS in CIS. I apply my deep experience in product and information design with systems thinking to plan and optimize user tasks

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Driving acquisition and activation of customers

I optimize the experience from sign up to onboarding to discovery, ensuring they can get started and derive value quickly. To measure improvement, I determine what needs to be measured, then how to measure it, so that we have a benchmark to recognize positive impacts and to act quickly to fix negative ones.

  • All
  • Onboarding
  • Brand unification
  • Support & Self-service
  • Performance

UX scorecards to measure improvement

Sign up, sign in, recover access

Get started tours to quickly engage you

Dashboards for system and usage status

Unified touchpoint experience to build trust

Global search to get you to value quickly

Searchable marketplace to get you jump-started

Self-service to get you unstuck

Optimize web & mobile support experience

Optimize self-service search

Optimize site load performance

Technical projects

I've done a lot of work for API management, data integration, platform unification, and accessibility. I still need to add several projects here around flow building and conditional logic.

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  • Data integration
  • API management
  • Support & Self-service
  • Design System
  • Accessibility

Creation of data integration platform

Creation of design system

Creation of robust code editor

Redesign of API developer site

Creation of API documentation console

Creation of API management console

Redesign of IT Service Management interface

Redesign analytics application for accessibility

Redesign B2B application

Create mobile app for case notifications


Here are what people have said about working with me, either as a customer, manager, colleague or a member of one of my teams. When managing teams, I create a personal connection and have been told by several people that I'm the best manager they ever had. I wish I could put all of their kind words here!

Courtney makes product, processes, and people better. I've had the privilege of working with and for Courtney throughout her storied career, and it's impossible to distill her passion and skills down to a short recommendation. She brings her whole self into every project; improving collaboration, with a flare for inclusion; identifying challenges; seeking unconventional, tried, and "blocked" solutions; while keeping an eye out for incremental improvement with the next steps. If you're looking for a leader who will take customer/user experience to the next three levels, my advice is to get acquainted and soon.

Stephen Brandt

Documentation Manager

Courtney and I worked closely on Axway's analytics products. We interviewed customers, performed usability tests, and worked to resolve pain points. She performed functionality and accessibility testing, heuristic evaluations, wrote the VPATs and educated the company on accessibility issues, created how-to videos, and engaged customers in collaborative design, as well as working with the Romanian R&D team to understand architectural limitations in achieving our vision of a stand-alone product as well as one integrated with our data governance suite. I very much enjoyed working with Courtney and would very much like to work with her again.

Binu Jacob

Principal Project Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Courtney on several programs I led. For our customer portal, she relentlessly demonstrated value in her UX role, bringing siloed stakeholders together into a shared vision of a unified web experience. She proactively expanded her contribution, taking over the substantial workload of Product Owner. Understanding the broad objectives, she significantly enabled the critical project to maintain speed and on time delivery with her initiatives. She also created and monitored analytics for our web ecosystem, provided responsive design and coding best practices and analyzed load performance, educating stakeholders and providing an optimization plan. I would be pleased to rely again on Courtney.

Mathias Hary

Cloud Platform Director

Putting Courtney in charge of UX and content here on my team was a masterstroke on my part.

Matt Graney

VP of Product

I LOOOOOOVE Courtney's new error management view...it was sorely needed and the solution is beautiful! She should get a raise!

Steve Klett

Developer and customer

Few people can match the energy that Courtney brings to work every day. In the six years we worked together in UX at Axway, Courtney continuously impressed us with her eagerness to immerse herself into any challenge and generate volumes of ideas, solutions, and transformational plans at an unparalleled pace. She made major contributions as UX liaison to the website team, as UX lead for multiple core products including B2B data integration, API developer portal, and community management and as founder of the collaborative design program with customers. As a lifelong learner and UX champion, she was a central force in growing our UX competencies and educating the entire team about best practices and UX trends. She led efforts to build a pattern library, incorporate responsive design, build a web analytics program, employ search optimization techniques, and raise data visualization literacy among many other initiatives. Beyond Courtney's staggering level of productivity and drive for sharing knowledge, she infused the team with her positivity and forged strong partnerships with colleagues and customers alike. I frequently saw her giving her personal time and resources to help teammates. Through her self-study, blogging, and presentations on cross-cultural collaboration and accessibility she was a catalyst for diversity and inclusion. I am forever grateful for her contagious passion for the user experience and her generosity in sharing her energy and knowledge.

Lawrence Yau

Sales Solution Architect

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