Searchable marketplace to get you jump-started 

There were ostensibly a lot of valuable resources in the Marketplace to help users create flows quickly, but they would never know. Users had to know the exact name of the application they were looking for; there was no way to look for applications in your vertical, such as IT. After setting up tracking in the Marketplace and talking to customers, it was clear that users couldn't find what they need. Check out Global search to see how they worked together to raise awareness of offerings and make them easy to find.   


  • Get more users installing templates and running flows. Templates were basically pre-packed flows that they just needed to connect to their applications.  
  • Raise awareness of vast array of templates and apps to get users integrating right away.  


  • As a tech startup, had to build support and gain buy-in to add this over filling technical feature gaps.  
  • Set up tracking to measure usage in Marketplace and downloads of templates and apps to show that this was something we needed to add.
  • The current search box only filtered down results. It did not collect them as search terms, which made it impossible for us to know what customers were searching on that they couldn't find (no results searches).   
  • Users couldn't start a new search once they'd drilled down to a particular page. 

Searchable marketplace to get users to value quickly 

The solution enabled:

  • Filtering across different business verticals
  • Collecting search terms customers were entering to help prioritize roadmap
  •  Searching from any page rather than needing to return to Marketplace home