Modern and accessible design for IT service management

This took various areas of IT service management, such as change requests, problems, and knowledge management. The clien-based UI was very outdated, caused a lot of cognitive burden and had a high time-on-task. It also was not accessible. The new design reduced time-on-task and met all Section 508 and WCAG guidelines of the time. I created all designs, including iconography. Soon after these new designs were implemented, Cherwell was acquired by a competitor, Ivanti.


  • Use cases: Create and manage problems and their related components, as well as enable problem tracking and analytics.
  • Methodologies: Performed competitive analysis, customer research, and process analysis to optimize workflow. 
  • Objectives: Decrease time-on-task and learning curve with contextual action, system notifications, consistent visual language, simple forms, and more, reducing cognitive burden and uncertainty.
  • Requirements: Meet Section 508 and WCAG standards for accessibility 

Original design

The old client-based application design created a lot of cognitive burden, including but not limited to:

  • This was a client-based applicatio 
  • Quick search panel that is complex and takes up a lot of real estate            
  • Overload of colors in the status and linked incidents makes it difficult to understand what to pay attention to.
  • Over-abundance of icons that have no labels
  •  Actions in many places, making it difficult to know what actions are most important         
  • Red text used everywhere, so everything calls attention, but nothing is salient                 
  • One long form with outdated form design. No help on any form fields.
  • No consistent visual language
  • Does not indicate required fields, resulting in errors as users try to navigate the complex form    
  • Very heavy design  

Modern, accessible design

The new web-based SaaS design provides an enjoyable, straight-forward experience, including a list and detail view that provides:

  • Task bar for all actions for the form
  • Page-specific actios bar with frequent actions to left and less frequent to right   
  • Tabs
  • Clear navigation
  • Consistent iconography and clear visual language 
  • Makes it clear which fields are required 
  • Sidebar with all relevant information and related actions
  • Left-justified form for easy scannability
  • Brings forward information such as number in each list  
  • Clear filtration indicators 
  • Makes it clear who you are currently logged in as, which is important as support agents often need to log in as customers.  
  • Accessible layout and background/foreground contrast