Provide visibility of overall status

Users could not tell what their subscription was or how much they had currently used of their allocations. This subscription page brought forth information such as when the subscription would expire, ability to upgrade quickly, and ability to drill down on current object usage. The home page reminded all users, not just account owners, of what had been used and what was still available, making it easy to buy more items on-the-fly.


  • Provide dashboard to understand current state of all integrations and flows, as well as to prompt to expand usage and subscription
  • Raise awareness for users besides the account owner as to what flows and other functionality was available for them to use.
  • Proactively remind users of impending subscription expiration


  • At a tech startup, had to gain support for providing overall status via this dashboard, as the prevailing thought at the time was that users do not need an integrated view of errors across all integrations or to view subscription information
  • At a tech startup, had to gain support for improving the notification and display to get users creating more flows.

Dashboard to provide overall status

This dashboard lets the users know how many errors they have across all integrations, their current flow allocation for their subscription, and enables them to buy more.

Subscription page

This subscription page enable users to view current usage and allocations, as well as manage their subscription and, ideally, upgrade.