Create new API console for developers   

At ProKarma, I led a project to create a new developer console for a telecommunications client, Syniverse. ProKarma was acquired by Catalyst shortly after I left.


  • Objective: Drive growth through modernizing products, processes, and technology. Create a new API console to enable discovery and exploration. 
  • Methodologies: Performed competitive analysis, as well as cloud development portal research.

Understanding user tasks and object relationships 

I created several task flow diagrams, including signing up, getting started, and dealing with billing. I also created an identity relationship diagram to clarify the relationships between objects:

Our new API console, yours to discover!    

The new API console encourages exploration and discovery of what is available in the Syniverse API. Users can select any method, then select their preferred language. They can test the API right in the console, then once they are satisfied, can copy the code snippet right into their product.