Create new mobile app for case notification updates

Business problem:

Needed to provide a quicker way for customers to get updates on their cases. Currently, they would get an email, then have to log in to the support site and navigate to the case to get the update, then respond. This could take hours or even days.


Needed quick way for customers to respond to updates on cases to improve Time-To-Resolve (TTR) and increase customer satisfaction and retention.


  • company had not embraced mobile, as it was still new, especially in enterprise software
  • needed to iterate quickly on unknown mobile patterns on the fly
  • The PM and I were not sure whether we needed a mobile app for support case management or mobile web. After prototyping both, we decided to go with mobile web.

Process & methodologies:

  • iterative prototyping
  • usability testing
  • initiated analytics into project to inform responsive design strategy
  • Agile methodology

Tools: Axure, Google Analytics

Let them manage cases via mobile!

Initially, the mobile app only handled creating and managing cases.