Global search to find your own and available resources 

Users had a difficult time finding even resources (objects) they had created themselves, let alone those created by others that they had permissions to use. I hypothesized that users could not find information in the Marketplace as it was not easily searchable. After setting up tracking and measuring usage, I confirmed that users were not even previewing many templates, let alone installing them. I talked to customers who were trying to create flows from scratch instead of using these templates, which were essentially ready-made flows, confirming that they did not know what was available in the Marketplace. This intiative also complements adding filters to the Marketplace to make it more searchable.


  • Ensure users could quickly find their own objects as well as those they had permissions to use.  
  • Raise awareness of vast array of templates and apps to get users integrating right away.  


  • As a tech startup, had to build support and gain buy-in to add this over filling technical feature gaps.  
  • Set up tracking to measure usage in Marketplace and installs of templates and apps to show that this was something we needed to add.       

Global search to improve findability of your own or available resources

The solution provided:

  • Search across all types or filter on particular object type      
  • Keyboard shortcut for developers used to VS Code
  • Return all objects the user had created or had access to 
  • Return all matches from the Marketplace that the user would likely not know about
  • Enable users to preview templates directly from the search results, stat an app   trial, or request an app demo